Core Principles

At Retirement Solutions, our philosophy is simple and rooted in three core principles: 

  • Your Goals: We provide holistic financial planning and wealth management advice for the 5 challenges of retirement.
  • Collaborative: We collaborate with your attorney, CPA and other trusted advisors.
  • Cutting-Edge: We provide you with innovative financial and investment strategies.

Our Philosophy 

We are intentional about risk. Rather than unintentionally taking inappropriate risks, our primary objectives for the majority of our portfolios are risk mitigation and preservation of capital. We minimize risk in client portfolios by incorporating modern portfolio theory and fundamental analysis coupled with diversification as the foundation of our methodology. To deploy risk effectively, we utilize low-correlated asset classes including fixed income securities, equities that are identified from various market sectors, exchange-traded funds, annuities and if appropriate, alternative investments. 

We pay close attention to the tax ramifications of our investment decisions for our taxable portfolios. In fact, we collaborate with your tax professional to ensure a free-flow of information all under your direction and authorization.

At Retirement Solutions, we take the time to understand your individual goals and needs and create your investment portfolio using the most appropriate investment solutions for your situation. Our process is broken down into 6 steps and centered around you:

① Identify your Goals

  • Identify liquidity needs
  • Assess tolerance for risk and discuss time horizon
  • Establish income targets
  • Review investment preferences

② Design your Portfolio

  • Identify return objectives and ranges of volatility
  • Identify investment strategy
  • Set asset allocation
  • Determine performance benchmarks
  • Create investment policy statement

③ Construct your Portfolio

  • Conduct security and manager research
  • Construct diversified portfolios
  • Combine securities and managers in optimized proportions

④ Manage your Portfolio

  • Replace securities and managers that fail to meet objectives
  • Ensure continued compliance with investment guidelines

⑤ Monitor, Evaluate and Discuss

  • Examine the market for new ideas
  • Monitor changing trends, market conditions and legislation
  • Communicate and discuss
  • Determine performance benchmarks
  • Adjust and adapt with your changing circumstances

⑥ Reporting

  • Monthly statements
  • Quarterly performance reports

Creating Your Portfolio

Retirement Solutions uses an asset allocation process* which allows us to design your portfolio using not only historical data, but also future projections of market and economic conditions. Rather than solely relying on the past, we use qualitative and quantitative analysis to help identify market trends that are likely to persist into the future. This information enables us to design your portfolio with the most appropriate balance of securities.

Actively Managing Your Assets

Markets don't tend to move in tandem. At any given time, one investment may be surging ahead while another may be lagging behind. The key is to maintain a properly diversified portfolio that continually reflects a combination of investments that should move the portfolio ahead as a whole over the long term. Retirement Solutions actively manages portfolios in order to dampen volatility over time.

Monitoring Assures Consistency

Retirement Solutions continually monitors your investments to maintain balance, efficiency and consistency in your portfolio. Through our asset monitoring process, we routinely check your portfolio against market and economic conditions. Additionally, every quarter, each of your securities is screened and evaluated relative to their asset class. We then adjust your portfolio when market conditions, your objectives or the security screening process dictates a change is necessary.

Quarterly Reports Keep You Informed

Each quarter, Retirement Solutions provides a detailed investment performance report showing your portfolio returns for the quarter and since the inception of your account. You will know how your assets have performed since the first day you invested with us. As part of the reporting process, Retirement Solutions can include assets held elsewhere, such as 401k's, annuities, outside brokerage accounts and pension plans. The reports also compare your portfolio's performance to key market indices.

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Retirement Solutions is an independent firm dedicated to an investment process and philosophy that promotes customization of your investment portfolios, conservation of your wealth and opportunity for prudent growth of your assets.

* Investing involves risks and no strategy, including asset allocation, can assure success and protect against loss.

Please note that rebalancing investments may cause investors to incur transaction costs and, when rebalancing a non-retirement account, taxable events will be created that may increase your tax liability.

There is no assurance that these movements or trends can or will be duplicated in the near future. It logically follows that historical precedent does not guarantee future results. Conclusions expressed in technical analysis are personal opinions; and may not be construed as recommendations to buy or sell anything.